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Initial Consultation


Every prospective client receives a complimentary consultation, which is the time set aside to get to get acquainted with one another and to determine the couple’s desires and overall vision for their wedding and the time leading up to their wedding day.  We will discuss specific needs, budget, tastes and preferences, style, etc.    


A more detailed overview of the packages most suitable for the couple will be discussed as well as costs and customization of my packages.  

Propel Me Forward


For the bride and groom who desire a professionals approach to planning their wedding through tools and documents customized specifically to suit the couples unique vision, preferences and needs.


Upon selecting this package after the initial consultation, there will be a working session with the bride and groom, delivery of the custom package and 4 subsequent touch-points throughout their wedding planning to review progress, answer questions, raise red flags, give tips and advice and provide recommendations.  


"Day of" Coordinator
without Partial Planning 
$700 or $1,000 (DIY)

This package is for the bride and groom that will or has taken care of all of the details pertaining to their wedding day, they just simply need a professional to come in and execute their plans and ensure a smooth and efficient wedding day.  


Couples that select this package after the initial consultation will hear from me intermittently, but four weeks prior to their wedding day I come on board and begin the process of transferring.  


Two weeks before the wedding, a glimpse of some of my primary duties are:


  • Become the sole point of contact on behalf of the bride and groom

  • Create and finalize rehearsal and wedding day timelines

  • Direct wedding rehearsal (no dinner involvement) up to 4hrs


  • Direct all vendors and ensure proper set-up, decorations, etc.


  • Execute wedding day (up to a certain number of hours)

"Day of" Coordinator
with Partial Planning
$1,200 or $1,600 (DIY)

For those couples that desire a professional to partner and walk with them throughout every bend and turn related to the planning of their wedding day, this package is for you.  With this package, I function as an assistant to the couple, providing my expertise on many different levels within the planning process.   


After the initial consultation, couples that select this package will receive everything entailed in directing the rehearsal (not the dinner), coordinating and executing the wedding day and reception. 


There are some limitations since this is not a full service package which are all discussed and agreed upon at the signing of the contract. 



Packages & Services Offered

Why should you add the additional expense of hiring a 


Many, if not most, brides believe we can handle everything ourselves as it relates to our wedding day.  And for many, if not most, this is actually true. However, simply because we CAN doesn't mean we SHOULD!


Hiring a coordinator will be one of the best decisions a bride and groom can make for an important series of moments that rely heavily on meticulous details that must be carefully orchestrated to fit perfectly into a day that needs to proceed as close to perfection as possible. 


My personal belief is that the journey of planning a wedding is something every woman should have the privilege of enjoying...not just experiencing.  Every experience is not enjoyable.  


Hiring a wedding coordinator will prove to be invaluable when you sit back to relive your wedding day.  And trust me, you will definitely relive your wedding day many times!  


Of the many benefits you will receive, to name a few that rank pretty high:



1.  We allow the bride and groom to enjoy the day, to actually live in the many moments that will only happen this one time.  


We remove the burden and stress of thinking about the logistics and trying to manage things. The bride and groom are the main event!  We also make sure family and guests get to enjoy themselves while sharing in this day with their loved ones.




2.  We serve as a much needed buffer between the couple and vendors (and often times family and friends)


This is often times most needed during the final stretch all though in some instances, from beginning to end.  If not managed effectively, this can be the cause of most stress...unnecessary stress.  On occasion, vendors may become difficult and find loop holes to maneuver through in an attempt to get additional money or pull back on commitments made, closer to the wedding day, hoping to capitalize on the high running emotions and anxiety. But not on my watch! 


If there will be nerves and anxiety of any kind, it will not be regarding the logistics of the wedding day and will certainly not be during the final stretch. The final week is specifically reserved for fun, excitement and anticipation of the actual day and coordinators will do everything to protect and preserve the couple.  




3.  We stand beside you, we pick up behind you and we go before you when necessary because making sure the wedding day goes as planned is literally the air we breathe.  


Yes, this is a job for many but it's a fulfilling passion for most. The majority of couples have careers with 40+ hour work weeks, families and other obligations, so most cannot afford to make wedding planning a second full time job. Planning a wedding doesn't have to become a second job, but it often does particularly for the very busy or those that aren't quite as gifted in being organized, meticulous task-masters.  This is yet another burdensome layer the coordinator will lift off of the couple's shoulders.  There's nothing more valuable in wedding planning than to have an experienced professional come alongside of you to make sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed.  Literally.





4.  We ensure the wedding reflects the bride and groom.


Often times parents, grandparents, siblings, best friends and even the bridal party can become overly involved in the planning of the wedding.  Being involved is perfectly fine, but the day is about the couple and should reflect the bride and groom! Even if parents/grandparents et al are helping to foot the bill, that's fine (and very much appreciated) but that doesn't give them the right to dictate in any capacity.  The wedding is still that of the bride and groom.  The covenant and sacred vows are being exchanged between the bride and groom and them only.    




5.  We do the things no one will ever know about because it needed to be done. Period.


Things have to run according to plan.  Yes there are always those inevitable hiccups and sometimes unpreventable occurrences but we, as much as humanly possible, anticipate and plan for them in order to prevent them from happening  or at least minimize the noticeable impact on the wedding day.  We handle things (and people) discreetly, but effectively, with grace and integrity.  We do what's necessary to get it done and that stress lays on our shoulders for that short moment of time. We do what's necessary. 








a La Carte​
(prices vary and are negotiable)


There are a large number of tasks that go into planning an exceptional and beautiful wedding.  There are many various moving parts leading up to and after the wedding.  


a La Carte is designed to meet the unique needs and desires of a bride and groom, ranging from creating DIY invitations, creating centerpieces to coordinating and executing showers to delivering luggage and decorating the bride and groom's hotel suite. 


Virtually anything can be done or provided and any task the couple does NOT want to take on - I can!

for your wedding day?

The Professional's Review​

Want to make sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed prior to your big day?  Let a professional go through your entire rehearsal and wedding day details from A-Z.  Recommended 4 - 8 weeks prior to the wedding day but can be done even the week of.


A glimpse into some of what this package entails is a thorough review of the budget and all contracts, finalizing rehearsal and wedding time day lines, ceremony programs, vendor itinerary, review RSVP's and seating charts and much more. 


Virtually a second set of trained eyes and experienced hands making sure your plan have the best chance of being executed well. 

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