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Delmesha, affectionately known as Del, is a native of Pittsburgh, educated through the Pittsburgh Public School system and upon graduating, left Pittsburgh in order to pursue her undergraduate degree at South Carolina State University, an HBCU in Orangeburg, South Carolina.


After spending four years at SCSU, she relocated to Washington DC where she finished her degree while working full time as a consultant at the National Institutes of Health.


Joyfully married to the perfect man for her, Del shares her life with her polar opposite of a husband, Ivan.  In fact, she receives  way too much joy in sharing their differences! She savors the reality of how perfectly their differences complement one another and the beauty therein.  A true match that was indeed made in Heaven.


Being a textbook extrovert lends itself well in Del's career choice and hobbies.  In the corporate workforce, she's a Project Manager with extensive experience planning, executing and controlling million dollar projects primarily within the banking and healthcare industries.  Additionally, she has been a freelance business consultant for over 8 years, owns and operates 2 small businesses, 2 sole proprietorships and is currently building a non-profit organization.    


A sincere woman of faith, Del is very passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and the work of the Holy Spirit in this age of the Christian church. She began her walk with the Lord through the love and labor of her mentor and Godmother "Mamma Connie," who helped her cultivate an authentic relationship and walk. She considers herself to be a true believer, as she enjoys the fruit of living a life that pleases the Lord, causing her primary influence to be from the Bible alone and the inner work of the Holy Spirit dwelling within her.  


Carrying her mantra - Go Hard or Go Home - into every area of her life, those who meet her and have the pleasure of working with her understand all too well how intense she can be.   


Having a hearty laugh, Del love's to do so and can find humor in virtually anything! She has an extremely creative mind and enjoys the beauty of the creative process whether it be sewing, home decorating, wedding planning or creating websites.  There's nothing she's not willing to try.  She is an avid reader savoring various books on faith, marriage and even a few good, clean urban fiction novels.  She loves watching documentaries on Netflix but when she does, she enjoys cultivating healthy relationships and spending quality time with family and close friends.  




Delmesha Richards

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