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My ideal client:


1) the ordinary and every-day bride and groom


2) the couple who will be operating within a very modest

budget but still desire to have a beautiful and elegant

wedding day, free from stress and at a fraction of the cost   


3) a bride (and groom) who intend to play the primary

role in planning their wedding




My primary service is to execute; it's what we in the industry call the "Day of Coordinator."  




What I do is execute and carefully manage the wedding day so that the bride and groom can live in each moment - free from worry and anxiety.  I am particularly valuable to DIY brides.




Having been a DIY bride myself, I understood the importance of making sure I had the perfect person managing and executing all of my careful planning in the way I a boss!




I planned everything and created 90% of my decor myself for both the ceremony and reception. I even prepped and cooked all of the food served at my reception.  Yes, I am THAT chic!!




You absolutely want someone like me running your show on your special day.  

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Managing and Controlling the Logistics

of your Wedding Day


Ensuring Your Wedding is Exceptional


That's what I do

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