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Small Business Consulting

Branding & Virtual Administration

"Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates."

Proverbs 31:31


Small Business Consulting

Starting a small business, transitioning a "side hustle" into a legitimate business, obtaining your 501(c)3 designation - are all much easier than most think. Hiring a Business Consultant can take the headache, confusion and uncertainty out of the equation, help you properly form your business, strategically plan, facilitate the establishment of your various systems, develop your processes and refine your operations. 

Legal Formation

Assistance with formation and start-up of a business entity, nonprofit or faith based organization with your State Department and Internal Revenue Service.

Business Planning

Varying according to business type and need, I help establish and/or refine the set-up, infrastructure and various aspects of an abbreviated business plan. 


Faciliate the planning, preparation and filing of the documents required to obtain status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Business Platforms & Optimization

Set-up and configure various systems per the business needs such as business email, accounting platforms, scheduling systems, staff, workflow, etc. 

Business Consultation

Business Branding

No matter the kind of business, organization or ministry you have, it’s critical that you develop a unique and distinct identity for your company or ministry. I can help with the development or refining of your brand, which is the culmination of all the things you use in order to differentiate yourself within your market. At the most basic level, this is accomplished through your vision, mission, core values and purpose statements that will influence and guide your brand's tone of voice, logo, website and other visual designs.

Full Website Design

Typically consists of up to 6 web pages, includes high resolution pictures (both personal and stock photos with licensing) and virtually all of the bells, whistles and cool features you want your site to have. 

Branding Development & Visuals

Brand development walk you through the intricate process of unpacking your business purpose and vision, crafting and coining your messaging and ensuring consistency across your platforms.


New or re-design of logo - $125

Social Media Banners - $75

Brochures & flyers start at $60

Landing Page

A one page website your visitors will land on, that have various sections you scroll down (similar to this home page). Essentially, all content and pictures are condensed but all of the bells, whistles and cool features you want are included.

Additional Services include:

Website Updates or Maintenance - $30/hr

Add a Blog - $75

Add a Store - $150

Content Development - $300

Content Editing (Basic) - $75

Content Editing (Extensive) - $200


Google Analytics Set-up - $250

Google Analytics Audit - $350

* I design websites exclusively via the Wix platform.


Virtual Administrator - High Level

My ultimate objective in this role is to assess and then develop/refine the administrative strategies, functions and workflow of your business or organization. I work to optimize your current processes and work flow, establish or enhance your current administrative systems in order to ensure operations run smooth throughout your company. The primary goal is to drive efficiency and operational excellence.

My responsibilities and tasks as a high level Virtual Administrator vary significantly from business to business.

In some instances, a client will have me step in and establish, set-up and refine their administrative systems; implement and manage these new functions day-to-day and then hire, train and oversee an assistant who will then carry out these new functions.

In other instances, I am hired to simply come on board to take-over the administrative work load for a season, optimize where needed, freeing up the entrepreneur or CEO to focus on the growth and expansion of their business and/or help them get back to focusing on the thing(s) they love most!


Rate - $35/hr - $45/hr

On-going Hourly Support:

Work performed are billed and invoiced bi-weekly.


Retainer for Monthly Support:

Work performed is paid in advance monthly and billed against as work is completed. 


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Name, Title

My reason for freelance work is simple:

pure and absolute joy!!

Walking along side, empowering, supporting and facilitating visionaries and dreamers as we strive for our definition of success in life, business and ministry is ridiculously fulfilling.

I am an unashamed side-hustler! A serial entrepreneur in the making, gifted and completely in love with what I do. 

- - - - - - -  


A little about me.​

I am a Pittsburgh native, HBCU educated out of SC State University's School of Business; I relocated to the District of Columbia and climbed the corporate ladder in IT at the National Institutes of Health. Although I loved being a Project Manager, I grew weary of the industry and the corporate workforce hustle. I transitioned into my entrepreneurial endeavors and have no plans of ever going back into the corporate environment. 


I've been in business for myself for over 15 years and leverage all of my experience, gifts and talents to the benefit of each of my clients.

I absolutely  love what I do.


Interested in a Consultation/Quote?

I understand the importance of finding the right solution for your specific needs.

Together, we will delve into your goals, strengths, challenges and expectations, gain an understanding of your needs and then discuss the best approach and strategy that will deliver results within your budget.

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Operating out of the Steel City

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