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Design & Additional Services

Freelancer, blogger, faith based or non-profit organization - a website that reflects your brand and work should be apart of the online community. 


I'll design a professional website or landing page that will not only capture the essence of your business or organization, but will also be dynamic in functionality and easy to maintain.

Full Website
Landing Page
Additional Services (include but not limited to):

Add a Blog


Content Development


Content Editing (Basic)


Content Editing (Extensive)


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Google Analytics Setup


Google Analytics Audit


Website Maintenance


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A full website design typically consists of up to 6 web pages and includes high resolution pictures (stock photos with licensing or photos provided) and virtually all of the bells, whistles and cool features you envision your site having. 

A landing page design is a one page website visitors will land on, that have various sections you scroll down (similar to this home page). All content and pictures are condensed but all of the bells, whistles and cool features are included.


Business Consulting

& Services

Starting a business is extremely easy!


Much easier than most think, and having a Business Consultant to assist you can be an affordable way to ensure you:

  • Understand the process and requirements for starting or expanding your business

  • Are empowered and supported throughout the process

  • Get the quality assistance needed to take your business to the next level

  • Have the ability to develop or refine your current processes and systems

  • Are able to breathe new life into your business, organization or initiative

Services (include but not limited to):

Legal Formation & Start-Up

$75.00 /and up

Receive assistance with legally forming and starting up your business with the State Department and Internal Revenue Service.

Business Coaching

$150.00 /and up

Coaching entrepreneurs and leaders in various areas from laying a proper foundation to helping with the expansion and growth of their business/organization. 

Business Email


Set-up and configure email for your business; one-time cost for set-up but there are no additional costs or recurring monthly fees up to 25 accounts.

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Strategic Business Planning

$150.00 / and up

Facilitates entrepreneurs with the high level planning of their business/organization, assists with the development and creation of their infrastructure and overall business plan.

Logo Design


Receive a professionally designed logo that captures the essence of your business or organization. 

Social Media Cover


Receive a professional (or creative) social media cover for your business, organization or initiative.

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Currently Unavailable


Business Consulting

& Services

Virtual Administrative


Discover and enjoy the art of delegation!  

Administrative tasks are typically (and should be) the first to be outsourced. This essentially free up entrepreneurs and leaders so they can focus on their big picture and bottom line. 

Let me assist by managing your administrative, project, event and marketing tasks. 

Price Schedule


Retainer for Monthly Support:

40hours per month -$15 /hr 

30hours per month - $18/hr

20hours per month - $21/hr

10hours per month - $25/hr


Hours can roll over into the next month once.

Initial 15 day money back guarantee if not satisfied

(minus time used)


Cost Per Project - variables such as type of task, budget and amount of time needed to complete the task/project and deadline are worked into the fee.


Request a quote if you have a task or project in mind. 

Services (include but not limited to):

Arrange & Book Travel Arrangements

Takes care of your typical travel arrangements including - flight, lodging, car rentals, train reservations, etc. 

Develop Internal Documentation

Create organization charts, develop job descriptions, Corporate Bylaws, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), etc. 

Physical Documentation Prep

Prepare, collate/assemble and ship promotional materials, proposals, letters and other documentation. 

Organize Online Documentation

Clean up, organize and maintain files and folders via online collaboration tools or directly on your PC via remote assistance tools.

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Design Marketing & Promotional Materials

Design tri-fold brochures, business cards, floor length and table banners, table runners, etc. Professional printing separate.

Develop External Documentation

Includes creating contracts and agreements, proposals, business letters and memos, templates and forms (i.e. custom applications). 

Event Planning & Coordination

Plan, coordinate, and/or execute any event. 

Project Management

This is a service that utilizes the PMP methodology to plan, execute, control and close projects.

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Why Del...

My reason for being in business is simple:

I enjoy facilitating dreamers and visionaries reach their definition of success within

their business and ministerial endeavors.

- - - - - - -  

Having climbed the corporate ladder in Information Technology from administrative

support to Project Management and being in business for myself for over 15 years,

I leverage all of my experience to the benefit of each of my clients.


My standards are extremely high and my passion for what I do is reflected in the

genuine satisfaction of each of my clients. 

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