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Services by Del

Business Consulting

Website Design & 

Virtual Administration



Serving Entrepreneurs,

Small Businesses, Faith Based

& Non-profit Organizations

Services (include but not limited to):

Legal Formation

Assistance with legally forming and starting up a business entity or organization with your State Department and Internal Revenue Service.

Strategic Business Planning

Varying according to business type and need, I help establish and/or refine the set-up, infrastructure and various aspects of a business plan. 

Business Platforms

Set-up and configure various systems per the business needs such as business email, accounting platforms, scheduling systems, workflow, etc. 

501c3 Designation

Fasciliate the planning, preparation and filing of the documents required to obtain the status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Business Branding (Visuals)

Receive a new or re-design of the visual representations of your business or organization such as logo design ($125), social media covers ($75+), brochures, etc.

Project Management

Plan, execute, control and close out projects large or small.

(utilizing the PMP methodology)


Business Consulting,

Management & Support


Starting a legitimate business is much easier than most think, especially when your endeavor is still in its infancy stage.


Hiring a Business Consultant can help assist you in the appropriate legal formation of your company or organization, the strategic planning of your business on various levels, facilitating the process of establishing your various systems, refine your current processes and operations, etc.


Website Design

& Additional Services

Freelancer, blogger, faith based or non-profit organization - an online presence with a website that reflects your brand, products and/or services and the work you do within

the community you serve, should be standard.


I can design a professional website or landing page that will not only capture the essence of your business or organization, but will also be dynamic in functionality and easy to maintain.

Additional Services (include but not limited to):
Full Website

A full website design typically consists of up to 6 web pages and includes high resolution pictures (stock photos with licensing or photos provided) and virtually all of the bells, whistles and cool features you envision your site having. 

Landing Page

A landing page is a one page website your visitors will land on, that have various sections you scroll down (similar to this home page). All content and pictures are condensed but all of the bells, whistles and cool features are included.

Add a Blog


Content Development


Content Editing


Content Editing


Google Analytics


Google Analytics


Website Maintenance

$21 - $25 /hr


Business Consulting

& Services

Virtual Administration,

Assistance & Support

Discover and enjoy the art of delegation!  

Administrative tasks are typically (and should be) the first to be outsourced.

Hiring an administrator an admin assistant allows entrepreneurs, managers and leaders to focus on their vision, execute on their mission increase their bottom line. 

Rates are hourly or pre-set

and are negotiable between

$35 /hr

Retainer for Monthly Support:

For continual support paid in advance and billed against as work is completed. 

Ongoing Hourly Support:

Admin tasks per hour that are billed and invoiced bi-weekly. 

Cost per Project - variables such as type of task, resources required, deadline, etc. are all worked into the fee.

Services (include but not limited to):

Virtual Office Support

Calender management, bookkeeping, invoicing, draft correspondence, data entry, create reports, statistical analysis, online file organization and maintenance, etc.

Develop Internal Documentation

Create organization charts, develop job descriptions, Corporate Bylaws, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), Employee Handbook, etc. 

Organize Online Documentation & Folders

Clean up, organize and maintain files and folders via online collaboration tools or directly on your PC via remote assistance tools.

Develop External Documentation

Includes creating contracts and agreements, proposals, business letters and memos, templates and forms (i.e. custom applications). 

Plan & Book Travel Arrangements 

Takes care of your typical travel arrangements including - flight, lodging, car rentals, train reservations, etc.

(Only domestic travel at this time)

Physical Documentation Preparation

Prepare, collate/assemble and ship promotional materials, proposals, letters and other documentation. 

Keyboard Closeup

My reason for this freelance work is simple: pure, genuine, joy!

Walking along side, empowering, supporting and facilitating visionaries as they strive for their

definition of success within their chosen industry or ministry is ridiculously fulfilling.

- - - - - - -  

I've climbed the corporate ladder in Information Technology from Administrative

Assistant to Project Managerment and I've been in business for myself for over 15 years.

I leverage all of my experience, gifts and talents to the benefit of each of my clients.

I can literally say, I absolutely love what I do.

Because I do it well!





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